WP53 Main Topic Microbiology II - seminar and colloquium (6 ECTS points)

WP 53.1 Subject-specific seminar in Cell Biology
WP 53.2 Subject-specific colloquium in Cell Biology

For the seminars in Microbiology a seminar course listed at the LSF under Master Biochemistry ->-> Main topic Microbiology can be chosen. Various seminar courses will be offered for winter and summer semester.
To register for a seminar follow these instructions: http://www.master.bio.lmu.de/downloads-in-english/instructions-online-course.pdf

For the colloquium in Microbiology 20 talks presented by visiting professors and junior scientists have to be attended. Attendance has to be documented by the signature of the responsible organizer (host). Talks are not limited to a specific series or place. You can attend talks at any academic institution (even abroad). However, the topics have to come from the field of Microbiology.
If you attend a conference or a symposium not more than three 45 min talks can be added to your colloquia list.
For documentation you can use this table or you can prepare your own.

main instructor

LSF code

seminar name


room & time

All Professors


Microbiological Colloquium



Jung, Landgraf


Advances in Microscopy Techniques



Jung, Brameyer


Microbial Physiology



Heermann, Landgraf


Biomolecular Interactions



Bramkamp, Schubert


Bacterial Cell Biology



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