Bioimaging Facility

Bio-imaging combines the power of microscopy, biology, biophysics, biochemistry and advanced computational methods to study how genes, molecules and proteins behave and interact in living cells and organisms. Newly established in 2009, the Gene Center’s Bio-Imaging Facility provides access to high-end fluorescence microscopes, permitting the observation and analysis of fixed samples as well as living organisms. The Facility holds a variety of microscopes and image processing tools, including a confocal microscope (inverted Zeiss LSM710), an epifluorescence microscope with Single Molecule detection capabilities (inverted Leica DM6000), a stereomicroscope (LEICA M205) as well as various software platforms for 3D volume rendering and image analysis (such as Metamorph, Imaris, and Definiens Developer) and the Huygens deconvolution package.

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