Research in Biochemistry labs

Time & Place:ganztägig, Ort und Zeit nach Vereinbarung / full-time, place and time on appointment

The research laboratory course in Biochemistry can be performed in any of the research groups at the Gene Center.  

The research lab course is an all-day course, lasting 6 weeks during semester breaks and 8 weeks during the semester when lectures are being attended. During the course, you participate in the lab meetings of your research group. At the end of your research project, you will prepare a final written report and present a seminar in your group’s lab meeting. Your grades for the research lab course will be based on the evaluation of your research, your final report and seminar presentation.


If you wish to perform the research lab course outside the Gene Center, you have to obtain permission from one of the designated representatives, Prof. Förstemann or Prof. Beckmann.  Please put together a brief application containing a short description of the planned research (1-2 pages), an explanation why the research should be performed externally, and information about the host lab (research, contact).  Do not forget to add your own contact information. In addition, your external advisor needs to sign a consent form stating that s/he understands the requirements for the research lab course (see below, download here).
(Signed) documents have to be handed in with Dr. Feldmann or Dr. Turck before start of the practical work.

For grading  the supervisor should use a form that can be downloaded here. Please point your supervisor to the form.
In addition, an electronic copy (pdf file) of the written report has to be send to . (The electronic copy has only to be send in for external practical courses!)

Note: The research lab course can NOT be performed in the same lab where you carried out your Bachelor thesis project.

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