Molecular and Cellular Genetics - lab course

Time & Place:Start: 2017-10-02 End: 2017-10-27 Fraunhoferstr. 12, 82152 Planegg
Number of participants12
Registration dates26.06.2017 - 01.09.2017
Registration linkTo the registration

Course WS 2018/2019: 17.09.2018 - 12.10.2018

The course is full-time. The Friday during the semester will be free to allow attendace of BC5 and BC 7 lectures.
The course will take place in the laboratory rooms in Martinsried, Frauenhoferstr. 12.(map)

The course is limited to 12 participants.

Practical work in a research group can be approved as equivalent to the practical course in the minor subject Molecular and Cellular Genetics.
To get this approval the following requirements have to be met:

- at least three weeks full-time lab work
- the practical work has to cover at least two of the following

                      quantitative screening (not necessarily in yeast) 
                      RNAi experiment with quantitative read-out 
                      in vitro reconstitution of protein complexes 
                      fluorescence microscopy

Request of approval has to be handed in with Dr. Feldmann at least two weeks before start of the practical work

The request of approval should contain following information:
- name and contact info (e-mail) of applicant
- institution/group where the practical work is performed
- name and contact info of the supervisor
- proposal outlining topic and methods
  (written by the applying student)

The practical lab work can be performed in more than one group.


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