Seminar Systems Biology

Time & Place:thursdays 15-17; BioSysM building; Room K2.045
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Prof. U. Gaul UG
Dr. Stefan Canzar SC

In this seminar, students will select, from a list of important publications, a systems biology paper and present it to the class. They are expected to cover the scientific background, methods and results, describe the key findings succinctly, and take into consideration related publications in the field. The paper should also be critically evaluated, both with regard to its impact on the field and for possible weaknesses in methodology or reasoning.


Summer semester 2017

Date Speaker

may 11

Marta Bozek

may 18

Marc von Reutern

may 18 

Thomas Walzthöni

june 1

Alessio Renna

june 8 

Max Schnepf

june 14 

Zhan Qi

june 22 

Stefano Ceolin

june 29

Roberto Cortini


then the students will be given a chaperone and have to prepare a group meeting themselves.

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