Module P3 Fundamentals in data analysis -
Exam registration and scedule

Time & Place:Week 1: 12.09. - 15.09.2017; Week 2: 19.09. - 22.09.2017; Week 3: 26.09. - 29.09.2017; Room 0.029, BioSysM
Dr. Markus Hohle MMH

In this block course, we teach basic quantitative skills that are necessary for understanding modern methods in structural biology (X-ray crystallography, Cryo-EM) and functional genomics (next generation sequencing). After a comprehensive refresher to basic math (calculus, statistics) and physics (wave optics), we will discuss more advanced methods (Fourier transformation) and their application to biological examples. Students will be introduced to the programming language Matlab, which they will use for image processing and data fitting. Every day, students will have 3 hours of lecture followed by 2 hours of tutorial;  laptops will be made available to the students for the duration of the course.


The course is followed by a written examination (limited to 25 students). Those students that did not pass the examination have the option to attend the second examination. Note, that the purpose of the second examination is to provide a second opportunity to those students who failed in the first examination. They are favored in the registration. Students that failed in the second examination too, have the option to register for the second examination in the next semester(s). Note, that always those students from the actual course are favored for registration to the corresponding examination.

# PDF Date Topic Lecturer
1 12.09.2017 Introduction – Derivatives: general rules & error estimation – Taylor Series MMH
2 13.09.2017 Integrals: general rules – Vectors & matrices; MMH
3 14.09.2017 Introduction to Matlab MMH
4 15.09.2017 Introduction to Statistics I: Combinatorics to binomial test – Median, mean, variance, covariance, standard deviation MMH
5 19.09.2017 Introduction to Statistics II: Concept of Entropy – Poissonian & Gaussian distributions – Conditional probabilities (Bayes’ theorem); MMH
6 20.09.2017 Introduction to Statistics III: Maximum likelihood estimation (MLE) & hypothesis testing MMH
7 21.09.2017 Principle component analysis (PCA) - Clustering MMH
8 22.09.2017 Example I: Diauxic shift of Saccharomyces cerevisiae MMH
9 26.09.2017 Next generation sequencing (NGS) – Example II: Genome activation in bovine embryos; Example III: Splice variants in absence of pasilla protein MMH
10 27.09.2017 Structural biology – Waveoptics – Concept of Fourier Transformation MMH
11 28.09.2017 Math of Fourier Transformation/Cryo-EM I: Image formation, image processing MMH
12 29.09.2017 Cryo-EM II: Particle finding, alignment, 3D reconstruction, correlation function MMH
13 13.10.2017 Exam; 16:00 - K00.015 BioSysM MMH
14 17.11.2017 Repetition Exam; 10:00 - K00.015 BioSysM MMH
Exams:Date 1, 13.10.2017 4:00pm
Date 2, 17.11.2017 10:00am
Exam registration
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