Elective modules - extension topics



Extension Topics

You can choose among 19 different extension topics.

If you choose option 1 for your compulsory elective modules you have to select one extension topic in addition to your chosen main topic and the mandatory modules.

If you choose option 2 for your compulsory elective modules you have to select three extension topics in addition to the mandatory modules. Please note that it is your responsibility to avoid incompatibilities due to concurrent courses with mandatory attendance! This can be an issue and, given the flexibility and interdisciplinarity of our program, we cannot offer help once this problem arises. Please plan ahead of time.

Almost all extension topics are composed in the following way (exceptions for Neurobiology and Informatics see below):

  • Practical course module (9 ECTS Points)
    All-day course lasting four weeks; at the end of the course you will prepare a final written report; some extension topics have practical block courses (Molecular and Cellular genetics, Structural Biology, Immunology and others); schedules and registration regulations for these block courses will be announced at the LSF
  • Lecture module (6 ECTS Points)
    6 ECTS points have to be acquired; usually you have to attend two lectures or one lecture and one seminar with 3 ECTS points each; the precise content for each topic is detailed below. You can find courses offered during the current semester at the LSF Uni-München here: https://lsf.verwaltung.uni-muenchen.de
    There are oral exams for extension topics in Chemistry, all other lectures have written exams.

Extension topics offerd by Department of Biochemistry


Extension topics offered by other departments (Chemistry, Biology, ...)


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