Research in the biosciences is increasingly technology-driven. To support the broad range of biochemical, genomic, and cellular approaches represented at the Gene Center, we have established different instrumentation facilities, which are under the care of resident experts but open to all groups at the Center.


  • Crystallization

    This facility provides a broad platform for semi-automated crystallization usi...
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  • Cryo-Electron Microscopy

    This state-of-the-art facility permits large-scale data collection for single ...
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  • Mass Spectrometry

    Proteomics comprises a set of technologies for separation, quantification and ...
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  • Robotic high-throughput facility

    The robotic high-throughput facility is currently being established and will p...
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  • Deep Sequencing

    The Deep Sequencing platform includes state-of-art instrumentation such as an ...
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  • Bioimaging Facility

    Bio-imaging combines the power of microscopy, biology, biophysics, biochemistr...
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  • Scientific Computing

    The Scientific Computing team provides in-depth service for all research groups by maintaining the Gene Center’s computational infrastructure. Scientific Computing helps design and implement the hardware resources (HPC clusters, file servers, dedic...
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