P4 Main topic Biochemistry II - seminar and colloquium (6 ECTS points)

P 4.1 Subject-specific seminar in Biochemistry
P 4.2 Subject-specific colloquium in Biochemistry

At the seminar students extend their expertise of current literature and methods in Biochemistry and present and discuss publications covering specific topics and methods.
Lecturers from Biochemistry will offer specific topics which will be discussed by a group of four to eight students during a 2 day block course or a semester accompanying course.

The following seminares are currently offered:


P4 Literature and Methods Seminar WS 2017-18


Topic:  Genome stability: from basic research to novel concepts in cancer therapy

Prof. Dr. Julian Stingele

Mail: stingele@genzentrum.lmu.de

Date: 05./06.12.2017


Topic:   Genome architecture: Recent advances in studying chromosome structure

Dr. Johannes Stigler

Mail: johannes.stigler@gmail.com

Date: 16./17.01.2018


Please register by sending an e-mail to the respective lecturer.
Registration deadline for all seminars listed above is the 1st of December 2017.
First come first serve!

The lecturer will inform you in time if the course will take place (enough students did register) and if you will be able to participate (not more than seven stundents did register before you).


For the colloquium in Biochemistry 20 talks presented by visiting professors and junior scientists have to be attended. Attendance has to be documented by the signature of the responsible organizer (host). Talks are not limited to a specific series or place. You can attend talks at any academic institution (even abroad). However, the topics have to come from the field of Biochemistry.
If you attend a conference or a symposium not more than three 45 min talks can be added to your colloquia list.
For documentation you can use this table or you can prepare your own.

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