P5 Methods in Life Science - practical course (9 ECTS points)


P 5.1 Practical course in Life Sciences
P 5.2 Advanced seminar in Life Sciences

LSF code: T1YM

The research laboratory course in Life Science can be performed in any of the research groups at the campus in Großhadern and Martinsried or in any research group at the MPI in Martinsried or Helmholtz Center in Großhadern.

The P5 practical course has to be registered with the master's student office before you start it. Please download the registration form here: registration form
Fill in the form, save it under "your name-registration P5" and send the pdf to: stusekbc@lmb.uni-muenchen.de

The The P5 practical course is an all-day course, lasting 4 weeks (= P 5.1). During the course, you participate in the lab meetings of your research group (= P 5.2). At the end of your research project, you will prepare a final written report. The written report has to be submitted within two month after the end of the P5 practical course.

If you wish to perform the research lab course in a research group outside Martinsried and Großhadern, you have to obtain permission from one of the designated representatives, Prof. Förstemann or Prof. Beckmann.  Please put together a brief application containing your contact data, a short description of the planned research (1-2 pages), an explanation why the research should be performed externally, and information about the host lab (research, contact). Please indicate clearly on your application the module (P5 Methods in life science) you want to obtain permission for.

The signed application has to be submitted to the master's student office before starting the external practical course.
In addition, an electronic copy (pdf-file) of the written report has to be sent to stusekbc@lmb.uni-muenchen.de.

For grading of (external) research courses the supervisor should use the grading form (P5 grading form). Please point your supervisor to the respective website.

The P5 practical course canNOT be performed in the same research group as the advanced research practical course(s) of your main topic(s)!

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