P6 Master Thesis


Information regarding the Master Thesis


(version: October 10th, 2017)

At the end of your Master studies, this thesis will introduce you to independent work in the lab of your choice. The goal is that you achieve one or more rounds of the scientific workflow: Generate a hypothesis, devise experiments to test it, perform these experiments and analyze the data obtained (to the refine the hypothesis etc.). As you will see, this is exciting and very stimulating! To concentrate on this work, you should have finished all your other courses (but seminars = module P4 and equivalent can still be attended). You are free to negotiate a suitable starting date with the lab, but keep in mind that the Master Biochemistry program should be finished in four semesters. 

The Master thesis can be carried out in any of the disciplines (main topics or extension topics) covered by your study program. If you would like to perform the Master thesis work in an external institution (e.g. Max-Planck, Helmholtz or research institutions abroad) or a LMU research unit not directly implicated in the study program, you will need an internal advisor from the field you have chosen for your Master thesis with corresponding scientific competence.
Please put together a brief proposal containing a short description of the planned research (1-2 pages) and information about the host lab (research, contact). The internal advisor has to sign this proposal. The signed proposal has to be submitted together with the registration of the Master thesis to students’ office.
The internal advisor will be responsible for accepting and grading the thesis. Usually, he or she will consult with the PI of the lab where the thesis work has been carried out. If you want to do your Master thesis in a lab outside of the LMU Munich, the formal consent of the head of the examination board (“Prüfungsausschussvorsitzender”) is required. We will take care of this once you have notified us of your plans (see form below).

The beginning of the Master thesis has to be announced in writing. Please fill in this form


and bring it to the students' office. We will then check whether you fulfill the formal requirements to start the thesis work; in case further signatures are required we will process the application internally. Please allow for sufficient time between handing in the form and the planned starting date (= at least two weeks, more is preferable especially during the lecture-free periods).
If you want to perform your Master thesis in an external institution submit the form together with the proposal (signed by the internal supervisor) to the students’ office at least four weeks before you plan to start your Master thesis.

The duration of the Master thesis is defined as 26 weeks in the study rules (Prüfungsordnung) and this CANNOT BE EXTENDED. Please plan accordingly as we cannot accept a late thesis!

Should you get sick during the time of your Master thesis, please ask your doctor for a corresponding certificate; the duration will then be extended for the time covered by the certificate.  

That said, we wish you success with the experiments and hope that you will enjoy working as a scientist as much as we do!

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