Infrastructure Personnel




Name   Email Phone 089-2180- Room
Head of Administration
Vogt, Dr. Carola 76771
Grilc, Aleksandra 76901 A3.04  
Teaching Coordination
Feldmann, Dr. Heidi 76978 A4.04
Turck, Dr. Johanna 76979 A4.04
Papatheodorou, Dr. Louiza 76775 A0.54
Beatrix, Dr. Birgitta 76902 A3.50

Research Grants and Scientific Events
Vogt, Dr. Carola 76771 A4.52

Grilc, Aleksandra 76901 A3.04
Ginkel, Annika 71110 K1.006
Fulde, Petra 76952 A0.51
Wolf, Stephanie 76950 A4.50
Finanical Services
Schwane-Pieloth, Andrea 76777 A0.50
Stein, Thomas 76767 A0.54
Information Technology
Heinz, Leslie 76839 A5.01

Research Facilites

Electron Microscopy
Berninghausen, Dr. Otto 76916 A3.50
Blum, Dr. Helmut 76700 A1.52
DNA/RNA/Peptide Synthesis and Proteomics/Mass Spectrometry
Arnold, Dr. Georg 76825 A1.35
Supplies and Waste Management
Englschall, Michael 76772 A0.52
Bittner, Gabriela 76970 A0.52

Labware Maintenance
Popal, Homa  
76964 A4.42
Schams, Dorchanai     76964 A4.42
Jandee, Sriwan
    76914 A3.42
Till, Michael 76758 A0.34
Zech, Dieter 76776 A0.37
General Safety / Sicherheit Allgemein
Blum, Dr. Helmut 76700 A1.52
Gene Technology Safety / Sicherheit Gentechnik (BBS)
Arnold, Dr. Georg 76825 A1.35
Fire Safety / Brandschutz
Englschall, Michael (Haus A) 76772 A0.52
Bergelt, Sabine (BioSysM) 71100  
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