The Gene Center is a central research facility of the LMU Munich that comprises the entire Department of Biochemistry, centrally funded junior groups, as well as associated members of the medical and veterinary faculties. Currently, the Center houses 16 labs - 8 senior and 8 junior groups - with a total of 320 scientific and support personnel hailing from over 20 different countries. The Department of Biochemistry provides education on three levels: a three-year chemistry/biochemistry bachelor program jointly offered with the Department of Chemistry, its own two-year biochemistry Masters program, and a PhD program that cooperates with several other local programs.  

The members of the Gene Center are deeply committed to combining the pursuit of scientific excellence with a spirit of tolerance and fun. We prize flat administrative structures, collegiality, and team spirit. The mentoring and coaching of young scientists – from undergraduate and graduate student to postdoc and junior faculty – and promoting the success of women at all career stages are important priorities. We believe such an approach is essential for an integrative research program that aims to bring together different scientific disciplines and scientists of diverse nationality and cultural background.

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