Robotic high-throughput facility

The robotic high-throughput facility is currently being established and will provide state-of-the-art instrumentation and expertise to advance industrial-type research in academia. The facility is equipped with two high-end robotic streets. These are flexible liquid handling workstations, into which additional instruments are integrated for sample management, handling and various types of assays. In addition, the facility houses detection and analysis systems, which permit assay read-out and quality control. Through this integrated design, high-throughput projects can be carried from assay development, to assay transfer, automation, validation and, finally, screening. A wide range of screening procedures can be set up in prokaryotic and eukaryotic cell systems, including protein expression studies and cell-based assays. Pipetting-intense lab routines, such as molecular biology protocols, can be handled by our set-up. Long the province of industry, the facility makes it possible to carry out a wide range of high throughput, genome-scale projects in an academic setting.

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