WP55 Main Topic Organic Chemistry – lectures and colloquium (15 ECTS Points)


WP 55.1 Subject-specific colloquium in Organic Chemistry
WP 55.2.1 Physical-Organic Chemistry
WP 55.2.2 The Chemistry of Heterocycles
WP 55.2.3 Modern Synthetic Methods
WP 55.2.4 Synthesis Planning
WP 55.2.5 Glycochemistry
WP 55.2.6 Radicals in Chemistry and Biology
WP 55.2.7 Lecture in Chemical Biology
WP 55.2.8 Advanced Topics in Chemical Biology
WP 55.2.9 Special Lecture in Organic Chemistry

With regard to the module’s courses, WP 55.1 and three of the compulsory elective modules WP 55.2.1 - WP 55.2.9 must be taken. Which lecture is held during the current semester you can find at the LSF Uni-München here: https://lsf.verwaltung.uni-muenchen.de

Regarding regulations for WP 55.1 Subject-specific colloquium in Inorganic Chemistry please contact the Chemistry student office or Dr. Engel (study coordinator Master Chemistry).

Module exam:
Oral exam; 60 min; examination periods, registration regulations you can find here.



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